Seen on the Way

Tonight I will just share a few pictures of things ‘Seen on the Way’ during the trip so far.

graffiti, train, germany, in motionI took this picture on the way from the Frankfurt airport to Jena.

While waiting for my train I was trying to capture the interesting graffiti on one of the regional trains that had come through the station.

I snapped the picture just a little too late as the train started to accelerate out of the station.

However, I found the blurry image quite interesting as it showed the motion of the train.

glove in tree, walk to work, jena germany

On the way to work on Monday I spotted this mitten in a tree. I am sure that someone found it on the ground and put it where it could be found by the owner. This morning it was no longer there.

mini car, electric car, small commuter

Shortly after seeing the mitten in the tree I heard a rattling behind me and turned and saw a little vehicle headed toward me. Here is is after it passed me.

Someone has a cute little electric commuter car.

What else will will be ‘Seen on the Way’ during this trip?


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