Book Sale Finds

This weekend is our Tracy Friends of the Library Holiday Book Sale. I helped with the sale early today and also bought a bag full of books for myself.

I will share a sampling of the books that I found and bought.

Three Stones Make a Wall, Eric H. Cline, Archaeology, BooksI had been watching for a copy of Three Stones Make A Wall: The Story of Archaeology by Eric Cline, and today a copy was donated. I decided that it needed to go home with me. I want to be able to reread some of the chapters whenever I want to.

Walter J. Black Editions, Zane Grey, Books, WesternsI found some more of the Zane Grey books that I have been looking for, and added them to my stack of books. The picture above is of some that I already had.

Nancy Drew Cookbook, Nancy Drew, book seriesI found an interesting cookbook. The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking by Carolyn Keene just had to come home with me. I will use the image of the cover in a future blog post about the Nancy Drew books.

Can you tell about when the book was published by the food on the front cover?

To me it looked like early 70’s and sure enough, it was published in 1973.

Avatar Pocket Guide, Avatar cartoon, Nickelodeon AvatarThis little guide to the Avatar cartoon series caught my eye. I had watched a few episodes of this series with friends in Canada several years ago and then had to watch all of them once I got back home. It was a really cool cartoon series and this little book brought back some good memories.

Pearl S. Buck, The Story BibleI finally found a nice one volume copy of The Story Bible by Pearl S. Buck. You may know from previous posts that I have been slowly finding all of her works.

Reflecting Lincoln, John C. Waugh, 1864 ElectionI also picked up three Lincoln books.

Reflecting Lincoln: The Battle for the 1864 Presidency by John C. Waugh should be an interesting read as it is about one of the most critical elections in our history.

The three books will add a few more inches to my Lincoln stack.

I found some other books that may make it into future posts, but this is all for now.



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