A Beautiful Wedding

This evening was the wedding of my beautiful niece.

It was a wedding that we could ‘Hartley’ wait for.

wedding, omaha, welcome to the wedding

Here the chairs are all set up and ready for the outdoor ceremony. I really like this sign that welcomes us ‘to our beginning’.

macrame, wedding, backdrop

The ceremony was held in front of this beautiful backdrop created by my sister.

wedding, outdoor, October Outdoor Wedding, bundled up

The weather was a bit cold and windy and many people were bundled up. I was sitting right behind my Mom and Dad and you can see that they were prepared.

To me, the weather was fine. I was comfortable in my long sleeve shirt 🙂

dogs, grooms dogs, wedding

Here are two of the groomsmen. They at least had nice fur coats to keep them warm.

wedding cake, weddingThe wedding cake was also beautiful. I really like the very natural look.

It tasted really good too.

first dance, wedding, bride and groom

After dinner and cake it was time for the traditional first dance of the bride and groom. They look so happy dancing together.

funny sign, still single, wedding

There were a lot of really nice decorations and signs at the wedding, including this little sign that the ring bearer was carrying during the ceremony.

So many memories tonight as I visited with the other guests.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hartley!


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