A Drive through Iowa

Today I took a drive through Iowa to get from Omaha to near Des Moines where my sister lives.

iowa flag, US Flag, flags, windy, IowaIt was very windy today, but luckily I had the wind behind me for most of the way.

mum flowers, car display, hybrid, Ford Fusion

I had a full car as I was carrying back some of the items from the wedding ceremony. I had a large container of mum flowers on the passenger side floor.

I am driving a Ford Fusion and it was nice that my phone connected and displayed my Waze app. I was then able to easily find my way.

I-80, Iowa, Highway, hills, scenery

Here was a common view as I was driving across I-80.  I really like the rolling hills of Iowa. There are a lot of good vistas where you can see out across the Iowa farmland.

I really liked the cruise control on the Ford Fusion. Especially the ability to slow down automatically when you got behind someone slower. This was good for the hills.

windmills, Iowa, wind power, I-80

There were also a lot of windmills along I-80. I like this picture as it shows a view that I had off to the side.

Rest Area, Adair County, Iowa, Wallace, Guthrie Center

I was a bit tired, so decided to take a break at the rest area just past Adair, Iowa. There were some nice displays of information about agriculture in Iowa. Adair county is where Vice President Henry A. Wallace was born. Both Henry Wallace and his father Harry Wallace served as Secretary of Agriculture.

The columns above represent the depth of topsoil over time.

While there I also thought about my  3rd great grandfather William Absolom Leeper. He is buried in Wichita, Iowa which is about 16 miles straight north of the rest area.

After about another hour of driving I arrived at my sister’s house and we have had a relaxing evening.



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