A Little Less Travel

Since it is the end of December I have been looking back over the past year.

I was thinking about where I have been this year and found that I had a little less travel than in previous years.

Cherry Blossoms, pond, Shinjuku-gyoen, japanMy first trip of the year did not come until March when I had a trip to Japan. Fortunately it was Cherry Blossom time and I at least got to see some beautiful scenery. Of course, I also had some great food.historic stone bridge, jena germany, burgau bridgeIn May I was in Jena, Germany to teach a class and got to see one of my favorite bridges.

See: Burgauer Brücke

Khirbet al-Ra’i, archaeology, israel, digIn June/July I went to Israel to participate in a dig at Khirbet al-Ra’i.

See: Two Weeks of Digging

Churrascariia, bbq, brazilian, all you can eatJuly found me headed south to Brazil where I had some wonderful meals. Oh, and I also visited the Sao Paulo Zoo and some historical sites on the weekend between courses.

Kingbridge Centre, Trails, Hiking, walking trails, Canada, TorontoIn August I taught a couple courses at the scenic Kingbridge Centre north of Toronto. It was also nice to visit some good friends who live in Toronto.

Wedding, Bride, ParentsIn October I made a trip to Nebraska and Iowa to attend the wedding of my niece. It was A Beautiful Wedding.

Christmas Market, Jena Germany, snow, Christmas TimeIn December I made another trip to Jena, Germany to teach for a couple more weeks. It was nice to visit the Christmas markets and also see some snow.

What will the next year hold for travel? I do not have anything planned yet, but I am sure that I will be making a  few trips.

Which of these places would you like to visit?


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1 Response to A Little Less Travel

  1. I could say, Iowa, Nebraska, and Israel, but that would not be quite fair, since I will be visiting there this year! I would love Brazil and Japan, though other places are higher on the “bucket list!” Happy New Year

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