Memorable Vehicles

Tonight I thought that I would share some memorable vehicles.

1968 Station Wagon, Ford Station Wagon, Ottumwa, IowaI will start with our old yellow station wagon. I have a lot of memories of this car. We took some road trips across Iowa many times in this old vehicle.

The car was later owned by one of my uncles and followed us to Kansas where it almost ended up in a empty basement. But, that is another story.

Boy Scouts in uniform, Dallas, Craig, Scout Camp, Camping, Scouting MemoriesYou have to look in the background for the next vehicle. This was our old red, white and blue van. My dad bought this van from our friend Greg who had painted it for the bi-centennial back in ’76.

I remember when we bought the van, it was just before a trip to Hamburg.

This picture brings back some scouting memories as well.

Big Blue Van, Grandpa's Van, Hamburg, IowaWell, Hamburg makes me think of my grandparents and of course my Grandpa’s big blue van. It made many trips to our house in Kansas. It also helped move me from Kansas City to Omaha after I graduated from college.

Blue and White Truck, Uncle's TruckHere is a truck that brings back memories. The blue and white truck belonged to my Uncle Jim. Back in the film days vehicles usually ended up in the background of pictures. They were not the focus.

In this picture it was my birthday and I got a new bicycle as a present. It had been hidden in the bed of Uncle Jim’s truck.

Uncle Rick, Pinto, Memorable Cars, cousinsOf course I can’t write a post about memorable vehicles without including Uncle Rick’s Pinto. We had lots of fun in that car. It was especially fun to sit on his lap and steer the car while driving through the park.

Lots of memories tonight 🙂



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