Packing for Omaha

Tonight I am finishing my packing for my trip back to Omaha.

Cliffor, Travel prep, suitcase, travel, packing formulaI am taking my big suitcase as I have a few things to bring back with me. Plus, I still haven’t made final decisions on what to wear to my niece’s wedding so am taking a few extra shirts, pants and ties which may not get worn.

Red Shirts, Mark Hall-Patton Costume, Pawn Stars, HalloweenThis reminds me of trying to figure out which red shirt to wear for a Halloween Costume.

San Francisco International Airport, SFO, Home AirportTomorrow I head to the San Francisco airport after a day of work.

It is a late flight that lands in Omaha at about midnight. Of course that will only be 10 my time.

United Regional Jets, SFO to MCI, FlyingJust realized that I am not checked in for my flight, so just checked in with my phone.

I will be flying on a regional jet, so glad that I got a free upgrade.

Carter Lake, Iowa, Nebraska, Border anomalies, Missouri RiverI will be landing at Eppley Airfield and then it is off to my hotel. The hotel is about 20 minutes away, and I will probably exit on the north side of the airport so that I don’t have to drive through Iowa to get there.

See: Missouri River Border Anomalies

I look forward to seeing my family on Friday as they arrive at the hotel.


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1 Response to Packing for Omaha

  1. Congratulations to your neice. I h
    ave a friend I am helping to recenter her life who spends part of her time in Omaha. She doesn’t have a permanent home yet, but does the best she can. She is a very private person till you win her trust.

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