Worn Out Shoes

Today while working in the yard my mowing shoes finally wore out.

yard work shoes, mowing shoes, worn out shoes, dirty shoesI am really not sure how long I have used these shoes while working in my yard, but it may be more than 10 years. I only wear them a couple times a month.

I really don’t care what they look like. I just let them get dirtier and dirtier.

yard mowing, backyard, grass, yardworkI had finished mowing my backyard and had filled my yard waste bin with the tree limbs that I had cut down a couple weeks ago.

yard work, roses, pruning, praying mantisI then set to work on cleaning up my rose bushes. While trimming the rose bushes I ran across this praying mantis. I eventually had to shoo him away as I needed to cut off the rose he was perched on.

yard work shoes, mowing shoes, worn out shoes, dirty shoesIt was right after this that I noticed that my shoe was falling apart. I was walking across the driveway and thought that I had stepped on something.

yard work shoes, mowing shoes, worn out shoes, dirty shoesPart of the sole of the shoe had come detached. I guess that I could glue it back in place.

However, I have plenty of other old shoes that I could turn into mowing shoes. I will just have to find the right ones that are easy to slip on and off and will look really cool when they get dirty.


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1 Response to Worn Out Shoes

  1. Jorge says:

    Wow, do you still have these shoes?

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