Thanksgiving Eve Walk

I am a bit late in posting this, but thought I would share some pictures from a walk I took on Thanksgiving Eve.

Last leaves, fall, Platte City, Hiking Trail

Near my sister’s house there are a series of hiking trails that run along a creek bed. They run in and out of trees and meadows and it is very scenic. As I entered the trail I noticed a few remaining leaves on one of the trees. Most of the leaves have fallen here as the trees get ready for winter.

Long legs, walking, hiking, short days, evening sun

As the days get shorter and shorter as we approach the winter solstice the sun is lower in the sky and the shadows are lengthening.

Here we also have a hill effect which makes my legs very long in this shadow picture.

The weather was really nice and it was a warm day. However, by the time I finished the walk the temperatures were rapidly falling.

Sunset let trees, illumination, hiking, Missouri

Here the tops of the trees were in sunshine and the bottoms were in shadows. I really like this effect. It was also enhanced by the light colored bark on the branches of the tree.

Milk Weed, weeds, walk, hike, steam, prairie

Here are some beautiful milkweed pods. There are many areas along the trail where they are letting native grasses and plants take over to restore prairie and wetland areas. Therefore there is not weed abatement to remove plants like milkweed.

I have an interesting story about milkweed, but will save it for another time. I am thinking about it now as it involve both my sister and I 🙂

Silhouette, trees, shadows, contrast, fall sky

I have many more pictures from the walk that I could share, but will keep to my usual five pictures. I like this one to end the post as it is a beautiful silhouette of a tree as the day is ending.

One thing that I really like about fall/winter in Missouri is the wonderful silhouettes of the trees once leaves have fallen.

Look for more pictures from the walk in the future.


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