United Kingdom Class

You might think from this title that I will be teaching in England.

But, this is not the case. I will be teaching a class on Sunday mornings about the United Kingdom of Israel starting next week.

Israel relief map, Arad, Arad guest house, Dan to Beersheba, Israel bordersThe course will start with Eli and Samuel and then continue on with Kings Saul, David and Solomon.

Nebi Samwil, High Place of Gibeon, Samuel, IsraelI am looking forward to teaching the class as I will be able to share information about some of the places I have visited in Israel. I will use a lot of my own pictures during the course, and also some from friends.

Shephelah, Lachish, Judean Hills, Archaeological DigThe Shephelah is one of the main settings of this time period and it will be interesting to look back through my pictures looking for the right ones to use.

Tel es-Safi, Gath, Goliath, Archaeology, Tel, Steep ClimbGath will be another location that will be covered in the course.

Valley of Elah, Goliath, David, Melon Patch, Khirbet QeiyafaSince I am thinking about Goliath of Gath I will also be talking about the Elah Valley.

City of David excavations, Jerusalem, King David, ArchaeologyI will also be talking about the City of David excavations in Jerusalem.

There are of course many other places that will be covered, as well as some of my favorite accounts from the Bible.

As I work my way through the course I will probably write a few posts about what we are covering.

Now for a lot of study!


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  1. Melody Murchison says:

    Can’t wait!!

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