Must Do Yard Work II

It has been three weeks again since I have done yard work.

It was way too hot last weekend, and I had just returned from two weeks in Canada.

So, there was Must Do Yard Work to complete today.

back yard, volunteer trees, yard workI again had a bunch of volunteer trees in my back yard. Hopefully I won’t have any for awhile as I should be home for the next month and I can do regular yard work.

ladybug, tree leaf, yard work, back yardThe little trees are home to ladybugs and other insects, but they had to go.

edger, yard work, stringing, weed whackerI no sooner got started working with my string trimmer that it ran out of line. I then had to restring the trimmer which can be a bit frustrating. Good thing I have some mechanical ability 🙂

The front and back yard had to be mowed and edged. After these tasks were done I looked to see what needed to be done next.

tree triming, leaning tree, back yardIt was a very windy day today and this made it really obvious that one of my trees was getting too close to the neighbors roof. I had to do a bit of tree trimming.

tree trimming, branches, back yard, ladderI soon had branches all over the place and had a lot of cleanup to do.

I moved all the branches along the side of the house and will have to work later to get them into the yard waste container. I was too tired by the time I got done.

Still to do is cleaning up my rose bushes. They need a lot of work, especially as the heat has not been too good on them this summer.


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