Harry and His Horse

Tonight I have been looking through some old family pictures.

Earlier today I learned that one of my Grandpa’s cousins had passed away, and I was looking to see what pictures I could find of her.

While looking through many folders of pictures I ran across an interesting series featuring my Grandpa.

Horse, Grandpa, farm, family, IowaI titled the post Harry and His Horse, as that was the title of this picture. Here is my Grandpa Harry with his horse. I thought about cropping out the right side of the picture, but since the picture was taken off center I wanted to keep it original.

Horse, Grandpa, farm, family, IowaHere is another picture of Harry with his horse. Here the picture is centered but is a bit blurry.

It is always interesting for me to see pictures of my Grandpa when he was younger as I remember him with a beard.

Grandpa, Mule, Farming, IowaNow we see Harry with his mule. This picture also allows me to get an approximate date for the picture series as the little boy is my Uncle Howard. He was born in 1939, so the picture was taken around 1940.

Mule, barnyard, farming, Iowa, 1940Here Grandpa has taken off his hat and you can see his face better. Look at that interesting smile on his face.

Iowa Mule, Stubborn, Grandpa's mule, farmingHere he is more serious and the mule looks a bit calmer than he did in the previous picture.

Lots of memories tonight.


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