Must Do Yard Work

Tomorrow I must do some yard work.

It has been three weeks since I last mowed and the yard is a mess.

agapanthus, yard work, summer, hot weatherMy poor agapanthus is in bad shape. A combination of hot weather and a stray cat dumping from the fence in the corner has caused most of the blooms to lie on the ground.

tree, new growth, yard workI need to do some clean up on my trees. There are small branches growing where I don’t want them. It is time to try out a new saw I purchased about a month ago and trim off this protrusion from the trunk.

small trees, back yard, mowingThis was my back yard when I got home and it has another week of growth added since that time. You can see a profusion of small trees growing from the roots of the trees.

roots, mowing, small trees, yard workThis definitely needs to be mown and then it should look much better. I especially need to get yard work done tomorrow as I will soon be traveling again.

rose bush, Mr. Lincoln, hot weather, summer, yard workMy roses are not in the best shape with the hot weather. You can see that this rose bloom is a bit withered. I also need to clean up all my rose bushes.

I should get up early as the forecast for tomorrow is for triple digits.


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