Zoos around the World

Tonight I am thinking about zoos around the world.

Sao Paulo Zoo, zoos, South AmericaWhile in Sao Paulo I visited the zoo and it had me thinking about what zoos I have visited around the world. Had I visited zoos on all continents?

South America – Check

Omaha Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Tiger Bite, Drunk Woman, Stupid PeopleI have visited the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, plus many others in the US.

Toronto Zoo, Zoos, Toronto, CanadaI have also visited the Toronto Zoo.

North America – Check

Rhino and Lion, Nature Reserve, Animals, South AfricaI visited a Rhino and Lion park near Johannesburg, South Africa. Although technically a nature reserve, it is set up as a safari park and I am going to count it as a zoo for this quest.

Africa – Check

Himalayan Tahr at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, AustraliaI have visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney several times.

Australia – Check

Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Zoo, Giant Panda, Pandas, TokyoI have visited the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo as well as zoos in Singapore and Mysore, India.

Asia – Check

Jena, Germany, Museum, phyletisches museumI searched my memory to see if I had visited a zoo in Europe, and the only thing close was a visit to the Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany. For this quest, it needs to be live animals.

Europe – No

Perhaps on my next trip to Germany I will try and visit the zoo in Leipzig. I actually thought about it during my last trip. Now that it is the only continent that I need for my zoo quest I may have to make it happen.

Orca near Melchior Island, AntarcticaWait, there are seven continents. There are of course no zoos in Antarctica, but I did see many animals in the wild there when I cruised along the Antarctic Peninsula. Here is an orca that I saw on the trip.

The cruise was a water and ice safari in a big boat 🙂

Antarctica – N/A but Check 🙂

Have you visited a zoo on another continent than the one you live on?



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