The Cancelled Trip to Australia

Tonight I am thinking about the last trip I was supposed to take. In March 2020 I was supposed to travel to Australia to teach a couple of courses. I have been thinking of the trip this week as I have been teaching a virtual course there this week. Some of the students in this class would have been in the classes back in 2020. Others have joined the company during the pandemic. The course has finally been taught, but I was unable to do the other things planned for the trip in 2020.


Again to Australia – 2/19/2020

In just over a month I will be taking off for another trip to Australia.

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerI am looking forward to teaching courses there again.

Macquarie Church of Christ - North Ryde, NSW, Australia - Large treeI also look forward to visiting with friends who are members of the church I worship with while I am there.

Service Apartment, North Ryde, NSW, MeritonI also like going to Australia as I stay in a serviced apartment while I am there. It seems a bit more like home than just staying in a hotel. Luckily it is just across the street from a large shopping centre. I can walk across for dinner each night, or just pick up something to take back to my apartment.

Nando's Fix, Nando's, Australia, Macquarie Centre  I need my Nando’s Fix so will have several meals at Nando’s while I am there.

Taronga Zoo - Sydney Harbour - Sydney Australia - Opera House - Zoo with a ViewI am not sure yet what I will do on the Saturday between courses, but I may visit the zoo as it is one of my favorites from around the world. I have been to zoos on five continents. Can you guess which one I am missing? (Antarctica does not count as it doesn’t have any zoos)

For the answer see: Zoos around the World

Khirbet al-Ra’i, archaeology, israel, digI also hope to meet up with one of the archaeologists that I dug with last summer in Israel. He teaches at a university just a few blocks away from where I will be staying.

There was almost a glitch in my plans as I received a jury summons on Tuesday. Luckily I was able to postpone it and will fulfill my service the week after I get back.

I am also looking forward to experiencing three season in less than 24 hours.


See also: Next Wandering Postponed

Maybe we could say it was eventually virtualized 🙂

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