National Lighthouse Day

Today was National Lighthouse Day.

I was looking for inspiration for a post tonight and happened to look at one of my calendars. I now have a post idea 🙂

I will share some pictures of lighthouses.

National Lighthouse Day, Point Reyes LighthouseI took this picture a little more than 20 years ago at Point Reyes, California.

This lighthouse is not very tall. However, it is in a very strategic place. Point Reyes sticks out into the Pacific Ocean and is the foggiest point on the Pacific Coast. Definitely the place for a lighthouse.

Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, Castillo de San Joaquin, General JohnstonPerhaps this would not qualify as a lighthouse, but the Fort Point light is also in a strategic point under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cape Pembroke Lighthouse - Falkland IslandsFor the next lighthouse we head out into the South Atlantic.

This is the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse in the Falkland Islands.

lighthouse at the end of the world, les elaireurs lighthouseHere is another interesting lighthouse in the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile.

The name of the lighthouse is the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, but it is also known as Faro del fin del mundo (The Lighthouse at the End of the World).

Sea Lions Island - Isla de los lobos - Sea Lions - Beagle Channel - Cormorant - IslandHere is another view of the lighthouse along with a large number of birds. I really like this picture that I took during my cruise to Antarctica.

Now for some sleep.


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