I am at the airport and waiting for the first of two flights to get back home.

777-300, United Airlines, Boeing 777, Newark Airport, Reflection picture

The first flight leaves at 9:10 PM, so it will be an overnight flight. The picture above is just to represent an evening flight as this is a 777 at Newark. I will be flying on a 767 from Sao Paulo (GRU).

The first flight is scheduled for 10 hours and 10 minutes and will land early Friday morning at Houston (HOU).Triple 7, Boeing 777, Flight to Tokyo, SFO - HND, Airplane

The flight from Houston to San Francisco (SFO) will be on a 777 and will only be four hours and four minutes long.

It will be nice to land early in the day as I will hopefully not have too much traffic as I head home.

I will close this post with a few of my favorite pictures from the last two weeks.

brazilian sushi, strawberry sushi, sweet sushi, sweet and savory

One day this week we had Sushi for lunch. I really liked this little piece that was topped with a strawberry. See: Sushi in Brazil

giant anteater, sao paulo zoo, anteater, a-z

I went to the zoo last weekend and saw animals from Anteater to Zebra.

brazil, churrascaria, rodizio, meat, barbecue, all you can eat

I had a lot of great food during my stay including a nice meal at a Churrascaria.

Now to relax until my flight and then try to get some sleep as I wing my way home.



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