Today we had a special lunch to celebrate the last day of our course.

One of the places I wanted to eat at during my trip was at a churrascaria.

brazil, churrascaria, rodizio, meat, barbecue, all you can eat

The place we ate at was the Estancia dos Pampas or Ranch of the Pampas. The Pampas are the South American lowlands and where many estancias or ranches are located.

A churrascaria is commonly known as Brazilian BBQ. The meat is all cooked over a charcoal or wood grill.

churrascaria, meat, food, brazilian BBQ

The meat is brought to the table on the long metal skewers it is roasted on. There are many different types and cuts of meat. They keep coming back until you have had your fill

Churrascariia, bbq, brazilian, all you can eatHere are some of the meats on my plate. Sausage, chicken hearts, different cuts of beef, lamb, and more…

I enjoyed most of the meats. They were all cooked well, but I still have not learned to like chicken hearts 🙂

churrascaria, Brazilian BBQ, plate, cuisine, BBQ, rodizio I am really not sure how much I ate as the plate kept filling up before I could empty it. We finally changed the indicator so that they stopped bringing more meat and I was able to empty my plate.

churrascaria, Brazilian BBQ, students, lunch, rodizio, good lunch

Here we are near the end of the meal. I was still going as I wanted to try all the meats. The students mainly stuck with a few of their favorites. Plus, they were all worried about the upcoming test.

I also had memories today of a similar restaurant in South Africa.

See: Dinner at the Carnivore

No dinner for me tonight, I had enough to eat at lunch. Instead I am having just a snack while I write this.

Have you ever eaten at a churrascaria?




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