On the way to Lunch in Sao Paulo

Tonight I will share a few pictures that I took while on the way to lunch.

power lines, data lines, sao paulo, brazil

It is always interesting to see overhead lines when I travel. Back home most of the utilities are underground and I don’t often see many overhead lines. I took this picture as we were leaving the office.

typewriter, garage,  brazil, bars

As we parked the car near the restaurant, I noticed this little scene. It was interesting to see an old typewriter one a shelf in a garage. I just had to take a picture.

Sao Paulo, courtyard, pizza restaurant, tile

As we walked toward the restaurant we passed this interesting courtyard in front of a pizza place. It was really cool to see the colorful tiles on the wall.

custom truck, old truck, brazil

Here is an interesting truck that we saw. The cab of the truck looks very old and the back looks like a new creation. There are a lot of older vehicles in Sao Paulo. I have seen many old VW vans and other classic cars.

Bom de Minas, restaurant, Sao Paulo, Brazil, lunch

Here we are finally at the restaurant.  I really like the many brightly colored buildings in Sao Paulo.

Lunch, beans and rice, meat, banananas

Well, one more picture. I decided that you may want to see what I had for lunch. It was delicious.


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