Thinking of Turkey II

This week I have been thinking about Turkey. You may be wondering why I am thinking about Turkey if I am getting ready for vacation in Israel.

Perge, Turkey - Perge Ruins - Paul's Missionary Journeys - ArchaeologyThere are a couple reasons why I am thinking of Turkey. One is that one of the members of the tour group that I went with to Turkey will be on the archaeological dig with me in Israel. See: One Week until Vacation

Unearthing the Church in Turky, David Winwood, Archaeology, History, TurkeyAnother reason is that last week I received a book about Turkey in the mail. Some of the pictures that I took while in Turkey were used in this book published in the UK.

See: A Book in the Mail

Tell of Derbe - Kertihoyuk - Derbe, Turkey - Paul and Barnabas - Second Missionary JourneyThe publisher of the book needed a few pictures and found some of mine while searching the internet. He asked to use two pictures from Derbe, one from Lystra and one from Antioch of Pisidia. The picture above is of Derbe.

I also thought about a post I wrote long ago titled Thinking of Turkey.

Turkish Man on Donkey - Cattle Herder - LystraMy mind is now wandering to some fun pictures that I took on the trip. I really like this picture of an older man riding a donkey. This picture was taken near Lystra.

Pretzel Guy, Pretzels on Head, TurkeyWould you like a pretzel? This was really amazing to see this man walking down the street carrying the tray of pretzels. I am sure that this took a lot of practice.

Oh, and one more reason I am thinking of Turkey. Tonight I finished reading The Travels of Marco Polo and near the end of the book he talks about visiting Turkey.

Now for some rest after a very long week.


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