Last June

Today was the birthday of my friend Luke. Last year I spent a good part of June digging with him in Israel, so I am thinking of what I was doing last June.

Dublin, California, Zeiss, Construction, Zeiss Innovation CenterLast June I was taking daily walks at work to check out the construction on our new office. The building is still under construction and when I am able to go back to work in our office again I will be taking some more pictures.

I check the progress through a webcam, but not much happens outside the building.

Unearthing the Church in Turky, David Winwood, Archaeology, History, TurkeyI was also reading a book that featured a few of the pictures that I took during a trip to Turkey. The author had contacted me to see if he could use them as he was missing a few key pictures. See: A Book in the Mail

large shoe horn, boots, slip on bootsI was of course packing for the dig trip and acquired one very important tool. This made getting my boots on much easier and was something I wish I had in previous seasons.

Lachish valley, israel, sunrise, khirbet al-Ra'i, ziklagThis was one of the few sunsets that I saw on the dig. We only work late on Sunday, the rest of the days of the week I got to see the sunrise.

wheel barrow, balks, dirt, archaeologyThe dig was of course a lot of hard work and I made many trips to the dump with a wheelbarrow. The dig was not too good on my knees last year as I had a minor twist of one of my knees the first day. It took some time to fully recover after the dig. They are feeling good at the moment 🙂

I had not planned on digging this summer which made it a bit easier when I found out that the dig that I would have gone on was cancelled. However, I am thinking about next year. I may just have to go dig again. The terrain at the next dig site is not as rugged so shouldn’t be as hard on my knees.

I am thinking now of where to take a vacation after traveling returns to normal.


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