National Cheese Day

Earlier today on Facebook I saw that today was National Cheese Day.

alilee, Leonardo, Tiberias, cheese plate, small fish, olivesI am a big cheese fan and like to try different cheeses. One of the nice things about traveling is getting to try a wide variety of cheeses around the world. The picture above is from Israel, where cheese is a staple for breakfast.

Cheese Buffet, Israel, Dead Sea, Cheese ChoicesThere are wonderful spreads of different types of cheeses at some of the hotels, like this one at the Dead Sea.

Plan B, Restaurant, Italian Food, Seoul, South Korea, PizzaOf course, cheese also makes me think of pizza like this cheese pizza in Seoul, South Korea.

Kraft Mac and CheeseOf course cheese is also good along with macaroni. I think most of use look at mac and cheese as a comfort food.

Amish Blue Cheese Crumbles - Richland, Wisconsin - Salemville - Amish - Amish CheeseThe Amish are well known for making cheese, especially in Iowa and Wisconsin. The page on Facebook which notified me about National Cheese Day was the Kalona Creamery  which is in the middle of Amish country in Iowa.

Of course I just had to have some different types of cheese today to celebrate the day. As usual I started off the day with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, plus just had another one.

This evening I ate some of my favorite Old Croc Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese from Australia which has a bit of a bite to it. I also made a salsa queso dip to have with some chips.

Oh, and I snacked on some Cheetos during my commute home.

It has been a cheesy day 🙂


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  1. our local radio station has challenges question if you like or prefer one type of item, example,,,,,types of cars, food, or weather. this week the question was about hard cheese or soft cheese. ricotta, parmesan, etc. the program ends just before lunch. good timing.

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