Wednesday in Toronto

Keeping with the theme [Day] in Toronto, here is Wednesday in Toronto.

Toronto Skyline, York Mills, Westin Prince, Tim HortonsI took this picture earlier in the week, but thought I would share the view from my hotel room. I have a good view of the downtown skyline off on the horizon. You can see the CN Tower and other buildings in the business district. Up close you can see the surrounding shops and restaurants. Just to the right of center at the bottom is the Tim Hortons where I have breakfast each morning.

Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada, tree silhouete

Walking back to the hotel after breakfast I always get a nice view of the Westin Prince. In this picture I really like the silhouette of the tree in front of the building. It looks much different in winter.

Greek Salad, Mr. Greek, lunchFor lunch today Greek salads were brought in for my students. They all enjoyed the lunch and then it was back to work.

A couple of my students stayed late working before we had a team dinner.

Dinner Rolls, Italian RestaurantWe enjoyed some wonderful dinner rolls and some good conversation while waiting for our meal at an Italian restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Lasagna, Italian Food, York Mills, CanadaI had a delicious plate of lasagna. This is usually the classic dish that I will have as a first impression of an Italian restaurant. I saw several other dishes that my students selected that I may try if I visit there again during a future training course.

Now I am getting ready to finalize my notes for my class tomorrow. It is the last day of the course, so I will get to have fun watching my students take the final test 🙂

I am looking forward to tomorrow night as I will be back with some dear friends for the night before flying home on Friday.


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