Birds around the Office

For the past couple weeks I have been taking walks almost every day to go visit the construction site of our new building.

As I walk I also have the opportunity to catch other images like some of the wildlife around the area.

Here are some of the birds that I have seen in the past week.

Canadian Goose, Office area, California, BirdsNear the office there is an empty lot where the second building in an office complex was going to be built. Now it is home to a colony of ground squirrels and also this Canadian goose. Sometimes I will see a second goose, so they may be a nesting pair. I will be watching out to see if there are little goslings later in the year.

Wild turkeys, rafter of turkey, parking lotI have often posted about the rafter of turkeys that roams the area around our office. I see them almost every day, and today was no exception.

Western Bluebird, birds, California, treesYesterday I saw a Western Bluebird. I also see them quite often around the office.

Red Tailed Hawk, hawks, raptorToday I saw a Red Tailed hawk in a tree behind our office. I first saw him from a distance, but was able to get quite close to get a few pictures.

Hawk, Tree, wild life, animalsHere the hawk had turned around and I knew that it was poised to take off. I wondered if I could get a picture of it in flight.

Red Tailed Hawk, red tail feathers, tail endI quickly snapped a few pictures as it flew away and was lucky to get this shot of the tail all fanned out. I really zoomed in on the picture and is a bit blurry with movement. However, I think it is a pretty cool picture.

Do you have birds around your home or office?


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