Thursday Thoughts

Today is Thursday, and I often see Throwback Thursday posts, so will think a bit back in the past tonight and share a few pictures from long ago.

Siblings on trike, tricycle, big sister, floppy red hatI will start with a picture that I posted on my sister’s Facebook page this morning. Here we are together many years ago. It was so nice to have a big sister to teach me how to ride a trike.

I love her big red hat.

Snow man - Little Girl - Winter time - Playing in Snow - Cold Weather FunIt is cold and snowy where my sister lives, but I am sure that she was not out building a snow woman today. However, here she is with a snow woman. It is at the same house where we were riding the trike together.

Reading on Tricycle, Reading, Trike, Large TricycleDid your Mom ever tell you to go outside and play when you really just wanted to stay inside and read a book? Here was my solution.

I am also noticing the rose bushes in this picture. Roses bring back so many memories for me. Especially ones where my Grandpa would bring roses from the nursery he worked at.

Little Red Wagon, Birthday present, Old Truck, Memories, BowtieYou saw me on a trike, so how about a wagon. I really liked my red wagon. I was all dressed up for this occasion.

Piano Recitals, Dressed up, Flowers, Sister, Margaret HuntSpeaking of dressed up, here are my big sister and I all dressed up for a piano recital.

Oh, the wandering thoughts continue, but this must get posted before I keep spilling them out to you.



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