Western Bluebird

Tonight I have been thinking of a few pictures that I took a few years ago of a beautiful little bird.

The pictures were taken on a cold windy Sunday afternoon just after a night of rain.

sialia mexicana, Western Bluebird, Winter StormHere we have a little western bluebird (Sialia mexicana). It is a male since in has a blue throat. The female has a grey throat.

The western bluebird is a member of the Turdidae family. The American robin is also a member of this family.

sialia mexicana, western bluebird, birds, thrushThis little bird is a juvenile western bluebird and does not yet have the bright colors of the adult.

sialia mexicana, western bluebird, bird in treeHere is another male western bluebird in a tree. I like the shadows of the twigs on the breast of the bird. You can see that the day is a bit grey in this picture.

sialia mexicana, western bluebird, bird in puddleHere is another picture of the bluebird in the puddle. The bird looks so like he is really aware of his surroundings. I also like the reflection of the bird in the puddle.

Western Bluebird, Fluffed Feathers, Winter DayHere is a closer look at the juvenile western bluebird. You can see that the feathers are fluffed up a bit for warmth. It was a cold day with the temperatures in the 40’s.

I hope that these little birds have brought some color to your day.


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5 Responses to Western Bluebird

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    …they do indeed, thanks Steven. Not seen this bird before; what great and vivid colours!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    What a beautiful bird!!

  3. C.J. says:

    We have western bluebirds in our yard, year around. The Bluebird Society has meetings quite regularly at Champoeg State Park. They are always looking for volunteers to monitor nest boxes, from Newberg to Sherwood, Wilsonville and Aurora areas. They band the babies so they can track them, as well as know how many are around! They are also associated with the BACKYARD BIRD shops, which puts out a monthly newsletter with updates. Beautiful and interesting little birds! They like to eat mealworms!

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