A Bit of Lime Aid

Today when I walked over to view the construction site near our office it looked like it had been snowing on part of the site.

Lime, Construction, Grading, soil drying, compaction, stabilizationOf course, it is much too warm for snow.

I had to research a bit to see what was happening.

This is lime that is being worked in to aid drying, compaction and stabilization of the soil. They had started the process yesterday at the other end of the site and later in the post you will see what they have been doing at that end today.

Lime, Grading, Soil compaction, Soil drying, soil stabilizationThe machine at the right mixes the lime into the soil after it is spread by another machine.

Parking lot, grading, fine gradingWay down at the other end of this area you can see some other equipment working. This half of the construction site is where the parking lot will be.

fine grading, leveling the site, soil compaction, constructionHere is the other end of the parking area and you can see that the soil is being compacted and leveled. I am looking forward to seeing what the next step will be in this area, as they will most likely have the parking lot leveled and compacted soon if it doesn’t rain too much.

Dublin, California, Construction, Building footprintIn the other half of the construction site you can now see the outline of where the building will be.



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