Slowly Coming Back

I was a bit sad at the end of January when I had to cut back The Last Roses, but now am a bit happier as the roses bushes are slowly coming back.

Regrowth, rose bushes, pruning, spring, winter rose bushesIt is so nice to see new growth starting on my old rose bushes. They are still going strong even though they are in their late teens.

New growth, rose bushes, spring, rosesThese first two pictures are of the same area of a rose bush, but at a little different angle. They are taken just a couple days apart and you can see that they are quickly growing.

Yellow Rose, spring growth, February Rose bushLook at all the leaves on this rose bush. I am a little bit concerned about this rose bush though as it lost several large old canes in the past year.

Rose Bush, new growth, spring growth, red roseMy Mr. Lincoln rose bush is a bit behind the others, but finally this morning I could see an explosion of little leaf buds.

New leaves, floribunda rose, yellow rose, new growthMy big floribunda rose is also starting to send forth some nice shoots. I have especially been watching this new little cane the past few days. It is rapidly growing

I hope to have a good year for roses. With all the rain this winter they will hopefully get a good start before I have to start watering.

Now for some rest. It has been a bit of a stressful day.


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