Wandering in the Snow

Tonight was going to be  is mainly  a picture post as it has been a long day and I am ready to get some sleep.

Tonight my mind wandered to a trip to Jena, Germany back in March 2005. While I was there we had a really nice snow storm come through at the end of the first week I was there. I was able to take a long walk in the snow on the weekend.

Jena, Germany - Walk in the Woods - Winter Walk - Snow Covered Trail - Hiking - WanderwegThe city of Jena is in a river valley and is surrounded by hills and valleys. The hills have many hiking paths that run through them. I decided to take a long walk in the snow and took off wandering. I really like this picture that I took on the ascent up to the top of the Hausberg which is one of the hills overlooking Jena.

Fuchsturm - Fox Tower - Jena, Germany - Hausberg - Snow Covered Trail - HikingAs I got near the top I was able to see the Fuchsturm or Fox Tower. The tower is part of the remains of a castle that stood on top of the hill at one time. Now there is a restaurant at the base of the tower.Jena, Germany - Snowy Day - Hills and Valleys - Jenzig - Wogau

I trudged on through the snow past the Fuchsturm and headed on down the trail toward the small town of Wogau where I crossed over to a hill on the opposite side of the valley.

In the picture above you can see the wide open fields of snow and the hills on the opposite side of the valley where I was heading.

The climb up the other hill was quite a chore in the snow. The slope was not as gradual  and the snow was quite deep. Also, the trail did not have nice steps like I had earlier.

Jena, Germany - Overlook on Snowy Day - Wandering in the Snow - Winter DayThe view from the top was amazing though. I had a great view of the city of Jena and the surrounding hills.

If you look closely you can see a tall building in the center of the picture. It is just a few blocks from the hotel I was staying in. On the left side of the picture you see a slope leading up to a hill. The Fuchsturm is on top of that hill, so you can get an idea of how high I climbed.

I continued on the trail to another overlook at Jenzig and then took a trail back down into Jena.

The next day we estimated that I had hiked 10-12 miles in the snow. I was a bit tired out.

Someday I would like to hike the same area again, but in a little better weather.

Hopefully I will visit Jena again soon. One of my favorite restaurants in the world is there.

Would you have taken this hike with me?


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks



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5 Responses to Wandering in the Snow

  1. You know, these photos really captured the feeling of the place and the weather for me. I haven’t been in true winter since 2004, and I felt as if I was there.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Absolutely not!!!! Don’t like cold. What was the temperature?

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