A Foggy Sunday

Today was a very foggy day in the Central Valley. On the way to services in Patterson I took the interstate and at times the visibility was less then 100 meters. There were also stretches of nice sunny clear weather, but those foggy stretches can be dangerous. Especially when people are driving 80++. This is dangerous enough in clear weather.

Foggy Valley, Central Valley, Trees in FogOn the way back home I took the slower route. It was still very foggy, and on this route there were not any breaks in the fog.

Above you can see how foggy it was. You cannot even see the farm house at the end of this lane.

Winter Trees, foggy, winter, Central ValleyHere is a shot almost straight down the lane. You can see the trees silhouetted against the foggy background.

Foggy Drive, Central Valley, California, Foggy DayThis picture gives you a feel for the drive. You can not see too far ahead into the fog.

Roses, Time to Prune, January RosesWhen I got home I was looking at my rose garden trying to decided whether to start pruning. However, there are still too many roses that are still blooming and it just wasn’t in me to start cutting them back.

While taking pictures my neighbor and I were talking and he invited me over for a meal later in the afternoon.

Dinner, Mexican Dinner, Carne Asada, Beans, Rice, ChickenIt was a very nice meal of pollo asado, carne asada, and some rice and beans.

The meal was very nice and I enjoyed getting to know my neighbor’s family and friends. Most of the conversations going on around me were in Spanish, but I also had some good conversations in English.

I guess I really shouldn’t complain about the fog when my family back in Iowa and Missouri are snowed in šŸ™‚


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