A Leaking Roof

We had a big storm come through this week and when I woke up yesterday I had some water seeping down the wall near my fireplace.

Water Seeping, Roof Leaking, LeakThis is definitely not what you want to see. I had some important things to do at work so headed off to the office and later made some calls to try and get a repair scheduled. I tried to get in contact with a couple of roofing companies with no luck, and then decided that this was a sign that I really just needed to call my neighbor that has a home repair business. Unfortunately, his card was at home so that is where I headed.

Roof Inspection, Home Repair, Leaking RoofI gave my neighbor a call and he asked if I was at home. When I let him know that I was he said that he would head my way and not long after he was on the roof inspecting the area to see what needed to be done.

I did not take the next couple pictures. You will not find me on my roof unless it is absolutely needed. The pictures were texted to me by my neighbor.

Roof Leak, water pooling, poor drainageHere you can see what the area around the chimney looked like and could tell that water had not been draining proper and why I had a leak.

Flashing, Roof fix, No leaks, roof repairHere you can see the flashing that has been installed and now the water will drain much better. My neighbor also sealed the molding at the top of the chimney, replace gaskets on all the vents and fixed some other potential problems.

Fixed Shingle, Roof Repair, Roofing IssuesHe also replaced a missing shingle at the apex of this section of the roof that had been knocked off by a tree that no longer exists.

It was nice that I was able to get the problem fixed quickly, especially as more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and next week. I will have less to worry about during my next trip.

It is nice to have a good neighbor that is a contractor. I have some other home improvement projects that I will most likely have him complete in the future. Including the sheet rock repair from the leak 🙂



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