Spitting in a Tube

Today I received my Ancestry DNA kit in the mail.

Ancestry DNA Kit, DNA ad, DNAI had been seeing ads for the DNA kits while working with Ancestry and also on Facebook and decided that I finally needed to test my own DNA. I had both of my parents tested, but decided that I needed to see what got passed down to me.

I did not capture a Black Friday ad, which is when I ordered my kit. However, the sale is still on through Christmas Eve.

Ancestry DNA, Genealogy, DNA KitThe kit has a nice diagram on it, which made me think of family trees. However, it makes me also think of computers.

Ancestry DNA Kit, Ancestry, GenealogyI looked at the instructions and found that I first needed to activate my kit and then gather my DNA. Of course, it really doesn’t make a difference which one I did first. How would they know if I did them out of order?

DNA Kit, Ancestry, Progress barHere you can see that I activated my kit today. I will be able to follow the progress while I am on my next wandering. However, I will most likely not get the results until I am back home again.

Tube, DNA Spit Tube, Spitting in a tubeOf course, the next thing to do was to spit in the tube. This was not too hard as I was salivating well for some reason. One spit was almost enough. I then attached the activator and after the fluid drained I shook it up.

Then it was put in the return box and closed up.

I had to go to the bank to deposit a very important check, so walked over to a mailbox rental store and dropped it off so it would be picked up today and be on the way tonight.

I am curious to see the results, as I want to see if any of the places my parents have DNA from drop off with another generation.

It will be interesting to see the percentage of DNA that I get from each of my parents. Will it be right at 50/50? If not, which one am I more like?

For those of you who know both me and my parents, which one do you think will have the higher percentage? Am I more like my Mom or my Dad?


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