Rainy Thursday

Today was another rainy day here in California. We are having a very wet winter.

Rainy Thursday, Rainbow, Altamont, Green HillsRain in winter though means nice green hills and if the timing is right some beautiful rainbows. This rainbow was quite spectacular about a minute after I took this picture. It was a full double rainbow and you could see both ends touching the ground.

In this picture everything is blurry except the drops of water on my windshield.

Turkey, Wild Turkey, parking lot, rainThe wild turkeys near the office seemed to like the time just after the rain. They were strutting around the parking lot and grubbing around in the grassy areas.

Construction site, rain, reflectionAll was quiet at the construction site near our office. There was a lot of hard rain early in the day which sent everyone home. Too bad that the parking lot was not complete as it would have been a good test for the storm drain system.

Building site, Rainy DayIt was much too wet at the actual site of where the building will be built. There was a lot of standing water which made for some good reflections.

Clouds, rainy day, commuteThere were again raindrops on my windshield on the way home which made for another blurry picture.

More showers tomorrow and through the weekend and again a chance in the middle of next week. It is so good to have a winter with above average rainfall. We really need it.

I am glad that I got my Leaking Roof fixed in November 🙂



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