Remembering President George H. W. Bush

Today I have been remembering President George H. W. Bush. I was saddened last night when I saw the breaking news report.

College Graduation, 1988, Remembering George BushGeorge Bush was elected President shortly after I graduated from college in October, 1988. I well remember this as while I was waiting to start my first after college job I was a volunteer on his campaign.Kansas City Bush Rally, 1988, Bush MemoriesI worked at the Jackson County campaign headquarters at one of the malls in Kansas City. I mainly worked with other volunteers on getting mailings out. It was a very manual process, not like how mailings are done today. I remember stacks of mail labels that had to be placed on each piece. We then had to make sure we had everything sorted into the correct mail bags.

Bush Rally, Election,Kansas City, 1988Of course, when you have a big campaign in process the reporters and photographers visit the headquarters. There was a picture of me on the front page of the Kansas City Star in which I was perched on top of a large stack of mail bags that were ready to be taken to the post office.

President Bush, Kansas City, 1988I have a copy of the paper somewhere, but couldn’t locate it today. The original copy I had disappeared, but years ago I made a copy from a microfilm at a Kansas City library.

Kansas City Crown Center, President Bush, 1988 Presidential CampaignThe only campaign related pictures that I have from that time are from a rally when President Bush visited Kansas City and spoke at Crown Center right before the election.

I have some great memories from that time period. It was a time of change in my life as I had just finished my education and was getting ready to start a career in medical field service. I was also getting ready to move away from Kansas City, but would be back there again about three years later.

So, a lot of memories have been wandering through my head today. Memories of President Bush, another political campaign that I did volunteer work on and just memories of my life from that time as I transitioned from education to the work place.



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