DNA Test Results

This weekend I received the results of my DNA test. See: Spitting in a Tube

DNA Results, England, Irish, Scottish, EthnicityAt first glance I was a bit surprised at the results. I knew that I would have a high percentage of England, Wales and Northwestern Europe DNA as both my parents were at about 60%, however I did not expect to see 81% for me.

English DNA Distribution, Western Europe, DNA ResultsHowever, when you look at the distribution of the DNA that fits in the England, Wales and Northwestern Europe category it does make a little more sense.

I was also surprised that I did not have any Germanic Europe in my results. My Mother had 26% Germanic Europe and for my Father it was 3%. However, the Germanic Europe from my Mother comes from Switzerland, France and the area of Germany along the French border.

DNA Results, Migrations, France, Germany, England Here you see the full list for the Ethnicity Estimate and along with the 81% England, Wales and Northwestern Europe you find 16% Ireland and Scotland and 3% from France.

My Father had 31% Ireland and Scotland and my Mother’s was 11% so I fall somewhere between them.

My Father had 3% France, so I must of received all of his French DNA.

My Father had small percentages of DNA from Norway and Benin/Togo and these must have not been passed on as they did not show up in my test.

Here you also see Migrations and they fit in exactly with what I know about my ancestry through years of genealogy research.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country Settlers is my 1/4 Amish ancestry as well as a few other minor branches of the family.

DNA Map Results, Migrations, Amish, Pennsylvania DutchHere is the map of my DNA results. The orange circle in Europe is the Amish heartland, and interestingly enough is just outside the England, Wales and Northwestern Europe area.

Some of you may remember that a little over a year ago I shared the DNA Testing results for my parents. The results that I shared then have been recalculated as advances in DNA analysis have been made since that time. So, a year from now all of this may look a bit different yet again.

Mother DNA, centiMorgan, DNA Testing Father, DNA, cM, centiMorganOne of the things that I was really interested in seeing was how much DNA I shared with each parent. Would I have an equal amount from each? Which one would contribute more to my DNA?

The results were actually very close. The amount of shared DNA is measured in cM or centiMorgans.

You can see above that the cM values were very close. The difference of 3 cM is only about .1% of the total.

I share a tiny bit more with my Mother.

The DNA Circles have not yet been created for me, so look for another post in the future with my thoughts about them. Which of the Big Amish DNA Circles will I be in?




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  1. Carel Chapman says:

    I find all of this so fascinating. Your results and mine are very close – the same admixture but different percentages. .

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