Clear and Cold

Because of the horrible weather we are having I wish that it could just be clear and cold in the evenings like it was a week ago. At that time I complained a bit about Cooler Walks and how I had to wear long sleeves to go out walking.

So, along with the fact that I met someone this week who had also been to Antarctica I decided to share some pictures from my trip there back in 2010.

Paradise Bay Antarctica - Ice and Snow in Antarctica - Antarctica rock reflectionThe air was so clear in Antarctica. Nothing like the smoky weather we have had here this week. Of course it was also cold, but probably not as cold as you would think. After all we were there in February which is summertime in the Southern Hemisphere.

The view above is from Paradise Bay, Antarctica.

Antarctic Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Infinity, Antarctic Peninsula, MapHere you can see the route that we took along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Iceberg in Antarctica - Melchior Island - Melchior Strait - Antarctic CruiseWe saw a lot of icebergs which are definitely cold. There was such a contrast of colors in Antarctica with the dark blue of the water and the white of the ice.

Swan shaped piece of ice in Paradise Bay, AntarcticaThis was one of my favorite pictures. I think that this little bit of ice looks like a swan. The way the light reflects off of the water was so beautiful.

Orca near Melchior Island, AntarcticaWe also saw a lot of whales. Here is an Orcinus orca fluke. Most of you will know this whale as the killer whale or orca, but it is also known as the blackfish. We passed by a pod of these whales as we were sailing by Melchior Island shortly after leaving Paradise Bay.

I am thinking that I may need to go to Antarctica again.



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