Cooler Walks

The time of year has come when it is getting cooler at night and I have been taking some cooler walks. Last night I walked in short sleeves and ended up getting a bit chilled at times. Tonight I was a bit smarter and wore a long sleeve shirt.

Evening Walk, Shadows, Street lightsOf course it is also a lot cooler as I am walking after dark. This is unavoidable as I do not get home from work until after dark. I left work late tonight and it was really weird to be walking out to total darkness.

Evening Walk, Leaves, Silhouette, December Walk, Night WalkThe sidewalks are also starting to collect leaves so I need to be a bit more careful when I walk. Especially if sprinkler systems have been turned on. However, I know the routs of my walks well and know where I have to be careful.

Jena, Germany - Walk in the Woods - Winter Walk - Snow Covered Trail - Hiking - WanderwegHowever, if I was in other parts of the world this may be what a walk would look like at this time of year. Of course, on a weekend. I will actually be near where this picture was taken next month and will probably go for a hike in the woods on the weekend. Perhaps there will be snow, but I know that it will be cold.

Hamburg to Eagleville, Virtual HikeI have been trying to walk at least 45 minutes to an hour each night and have been making great progress on my Virtual Hike. I am hoping that I can keep motivated, especially when on the road.

I will at least be walking to and from work each day on the next trip and it is a good 20 minute walk each way.

I am seeing some results from my walking. My belt is getting longer and the numbers on the scale are dropping every so slightly.

I am also getting a lot of listening done. I just finished listening to Acts tonight and so will most likely finish listening through the Bible again my mid-month.

Roman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician RoadTonight as I was walking and listening to Acts I was thinking about this Roman road near Tarsus. This road possibly follows the route that Paul would most likely take from Tarsus as he headed towards the Cilician Gates.

I will close my wandering thoughts and get some rest 🙂



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