The Post Pipeline IV

Tonight I have not been able to focus on just one idea, so thought I would share some of the posts that I am working on. It is hard to focus with the bad air quality.

I hope to get some writing done during my Thanksgiving break from work, and these are some of the things that are wandering through my mind.

1603, Christopher Lee, Queen Elizabeth 1, ShakespeareI have a post in the works about some books I have read that focus on England around the year 1600. This is interesting to me as this time period set the stage for many of my immigrant ancestors who came to America during the Great Migration.

Of course, Thanksgiving is this week and I may write a few posts on the subject.

Caramel Apple CupCakes, Hostess Snack Cakes, Original SquiggleI have a few posts in the works about Hostess snack cakes. I have to keep up with their limited edition offerings πŸ™‚

Hamburg to Eagleville, Virtual HikeOf course, I also have some Virtual Hike posts that will be coming soon. The next one is a bit delayed as I have not been able to walk much in the last week because of the fires here in California. I will be so glad when the air is clear enough to go out walking again.

Sophia Blend, Hawthorne, Grand Turk, King DerbyI have more tea posts to write. I really need to finish the posts about the Salem Sampler. I started with the Sophia Blend, and the next one will be about the Hawthorne black tea. I am still trying to decide how much to write about the love story between Sophia and Nathaniel. Do I share the short version or the long version?

Trina's Tea Kettle, Tea Shop, Tracy, CaliforniaI also have some other teas that I need to write about including a dessert tea that I picked up at Trina’s Tea Kettle.

1799 Kentucky Counties, County formation timelineI am also doing some research on my Sears and Kern ancestors who lived in Kentucky. They lived near the Cane Ridge and Concord churches in Bourbon and Nicholas counties and were part of the Newlight movement with Barton W. Stone. I have some more information to share and a nice souvenir from the Cane Ridge church that I recently received. See: County Formation Timeline for some of my research on the family in Kentucky.

The Case of the Monster Fire, John R. Erickson, Hank the Cowdog, BooksOne last post that I am working on. My Hank the Cowdog challenge is almost finished for now. I have only to reread The Case of the Monster Fire and I will have read the entire series in order. However, the next book in the series has recently been released and I am waiting for it to show up in our library system. This will be an ongoing challenge πŸ™‚

Now to get some rest. What I really need is a nice breath of fresh air. Thankfully rain is in the forecast for next week that will hopefully clear the air.


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