Halloween at Work

Halloween is always interesting when it falls on a week day and I have to go to work.

Some people dress up, there are snacks galore and sometimes there are parties or potlucks.

cookies and donuts, halloween, snacksThe day started out with having to choose from some decorated donuts that a coworker brought in. I chose a pumpkin.

Then they had cookies in the cafeteria, which I also had to get.

Halloween decorations, Potluck, HalloweenFor lunch we had a department potluck. It was complete with decorations and music and lots of food and candy.

Potluck, food, halloween, chili, chips, candyI tried not to eat too much, but there was a lot to choose from. I did resist going back for a second helping. I also resisted all the candy scattered on the tables.

Archaeologist, Halloween Costume, TrowelI wasn’t going to dress up in a costume, but while out walking last night I got an inspiration. I would dress up as an archaeologist. I just had to pull together things from my digs in Israel 🙂

My friend Sophia caught me with a big smile when she took my picture.

Do I look like I am ready to dig up the past?

Halloween Sunset, Long day, dark early, driving home in the darkAfter a long day of work it was time to finally go home. It is starting to get dark so early and next week it will be even worse. I will not see the sun on the way home from work at all next week

I did have a nice sunset to look at while I loaded up for the long drive home in the dark. It was then time to hibernate until the kids stopped walking around. Then a long walk to further exceed my walking goal for the month. More on this sometime soon 🙂

Did you wear a costume to work today?



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