Early Autumn Yard Work

Today I had to do some yard work. It just had to get done. It is autumn, but in California that is often when the grass grows the best as it is a bit cooler.

Overgrown Lawn, autumn yard workHere you can see that my grass really needs to be mowed. You can also see that a bit of the neighbor’s yard also has some thick grass.

Mown Yard, Fall Yard Work, Neighbors Yard, Good DeedI decide that since it was my fault that the neighbor has grass growing in that part of his lawn that I should take responsibility and mow his yard as well. I mowed as far as my power cord reached. You can tell where the water from my sprinklers reaches when the wind is blowing.

See: Frustrated

Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Yard WorkI also did some work toward removing a tree in my side yard. It is no longer getting adequate water since the neighbor quit watering. Plus, the tree is not in a good place anyway and really doesn’t shade anything but the garage. I may share pictures of the removal process later.

Overgrown Back yard, rose bush, yard workMy back yard was also overgrown just a bit. Also, you can see that I have a rose bush that is spread all over the place. I had a lot of work to do.

Overgrown bush, back yard, yard workI also had to figure out what to do with this bush. It has slowly been taking over the area just outside my sliding glass door. I don’t use the door, but if I did I would barely be able to get out.

Needless to say, I filled up the yard waste bin. It is good that next week is yard waste pickup. I need to make sure I put it out on Monday night šŸ™‚

My arms are sore tonight and I am tired.


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