William and Eliza Bunt

Tonight I was looking for some cemetery pictures that I took long ago in Nebraska. I didn’t find them, but in the process my mind wandered down a different branch of the family.

William Bunt Grave, Eagleville, MissouriThis is the gravestone of my 4th Great Grandfather William Bunt. He was born in 1799 in Tennessee and died in 1895 in Smith County, Kansas. He is buried in the Masonic cemetery in Eagleville, Missouri. He was 95 years old.

Eliza Turner Bunt, Eagleville, MissouriMy 4th Great Grandmother Eliza Turner Bunt was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1800 and died near Eagleville, Missouri in 1901. You can easily do the math and find that she was 100 years old when she passed away.

William and Eliza Bunt, Eagleville, Missouri, 4th great grandparentsHere is a picture of William and Elizabeth Bunt. I do not have the original of this picture. In fact, it is an interesting story as to how I found this picture.

Several years ago I found this picture in an on-line article about the ancestry of Rachel Dolezal posted by a UK website. Rachel Dolezal is the former NCAAP chapter president who claimed to be African American despite having no African ancestry. William and Eliza Bunt are also the 4th Great Grandparents of Rachel. This makes Rachel my 5th cousin.

Mary Bunt, Eagleville, MissouriMy 3rd Great Grandmother Susannah Bunt Leeper’s sister Mary Bunt Grenawalt is also buried in the Eagleville cemetery.

Isaac Grenewalt, White Beard, Mary BuntHere is a picture of Isaac and Mary Grenawalt. He has a very interesting beard.

I hope I can find the pictures from Schuyler, Nebraska as I want to write a similar post to this one.


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