Long Ago at Lake Como

I was hunting through folders of old pictures tonight and came across some pictures that I took at Lake Como. The pictures in this post were all taken with an old digital camera that saved the images on a floppy disk.

Lake Como is in Italy near the border with Switzerland. It is also just north of Milan where I was conducting a training course in December 2001. On the weekend between courses the service manager took me to see Lake Como.Car Ferry, Lake Como, Italy, WinterLake Como is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Unfortunately, I visited in the winter time when it is not as colorful.

When we arrived at the lake we took a ferry to the opposite side.

Italy, Lake Como, Ferry, WinterIt was a bit foggy which made for a nice atmosphere.

The ferry was mostly empty, so I guess visiting in winter when there are few tourists did have an advantage.

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy, VillasHere is a view of Varenna which was our destination. I really like this colorful picture.

Lake Como, houses, shore, ItalyHere you can see the colorful houses along the shore. It is interesting the way they are built on the hill coming down to the shore. There are some very steep sidewalks going up to the houses on the hill.

Lake Como, Varenna, Italy, Sidewalks, WalkwaysWould you want to walk up these steps everyday to get to your house? Perhaps since it is so pretty of a place it may be worth it.

I may have to visit Lake Como again someday now that I am reliving memories of my long ago trip.


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