At the Orchard

Today has been another hot and smoky day with low air quality. I have been trying to stay inside as much as possible until the smoke starts to clear.

However, I spent a little time outdoors today as we had a potluck at the orchard. My sinuses are already so messed up that a little more time outdoors couldn’t make it much worse.

Since I am miserable and can’t concentrate much I am just posting a few pictures I took today with minimum commentary.

Dog, welcome, orchard dog, barnyard dogHere is a sight that usually greets me when I get to the orchard. I am almost always greeted by the dog. She patiently waits for me to get out of the car and give her a bit of attention.

Cats, hot day, laying in shade, hiding catsThe cats are usually a bit harder to find, especially on a hot day. Here they are taking it easy in the shade.

Chicken Coop, Chickens, Eggs, Orchard hensThe chickens are easy enough to find. They of course are in the chicken coop. I think they thought I was bringing them some scraps because they came running to the fence when I came near.

apricot, orchard, fruitApricot harvest is mainly over, but there were still a few apricots on the trees. They look so beautiful and delicious.

Walnut Orchard, walnuts, agricultureThis year there are a lot of walnuts on the trees in the orchard. The orchard is finally maturing and there should be a good harvest. However, it is still a month away.


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