More at Masada

Today when I got home from work I found a nice piece of mail in my mailbox. Of course, I knew that the latest issue of BAR was on the way but did not know when it would arrive.

North end of Masada, Herod, King HerodI knew that the cover story of Biblical Archaeology Review was about Masada and the renewed excavations. Inside I found out the title of the article. It was a nice play on words MASADA Shall Never Fail (to surprise) Again. The article was written by Guy D. Stiebel and Boaz Gross.

Masada - Yigael Yadin - Jewish Zealots - Roman Conquest - ArchaeologyI have not yet the article in depth, but have scanned through it. It starts by covering a bit of the history of the site and excavations through the years as well as the reasons why yet again they renewed the excavations.

It is interesting that Yigael Yadin once said that 97% of the site had been excavated. What more could be found?

Masada, Cisterns, Yigael yadin, excavations, HerodianWhen we were at Masada last year we could see where some excavation had been done and wondered what had been found.

Masada, Renewed Excavation, Stiebel, ArchaeologyYou can see Doug in this picture. He had been taking a closer look and I will have to make sure that I update him on what this is.

The article includes information on this structure which was seen in a 1924 ariel photograph and was one of the reasons for the renewed excavations. It is a cistern from the Herodian time period. They included a picture taken earlier this year of the cistern after a big rain storm and it still holds water. In fact, they had to pump it out.

Masada, Dead Sea, Snake Path, Roman Siege, Israel, BAR, Bucket ListWriting about Masada tonight made me think of my first visit and climbing the Snake Path. See: Well Below Sea Level

I look forward to reading the article as well as several others in the new issue.

Another article has a personal connection as one of my friends has worked at the new excavations at Tel Shimron.

Now, to read or sleep?   🙂


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