Virtually in South Africa

Tomorrow morning I will be virtually in South Africa as I present a webinar for engineers there.

Since I will be virtually in South Africa I thought I would share just a few images that are wandering through my mind tonight.

South Africa, Johannesburg, Country, VeldI am thinking of the beautiful scenery.

South Africa, White Lions, Lion and LionessI am thinking of the animal park that I went to on my last trip.

Rhinos, south Africa, White RhinocerosI am thinking of the rhinos and hoping they would stay just far enough away.

Rodizio, Churrascaria, Carnivore, Meat, RestaurantI am thinking of a great meal that I had at The Carnivore.

Nando's, Sandton Shopping Centre, Nando's FixI am also thinking of Nando’s which was started in South Africa and is now in many places around the world.

Not OK, Denied Boarding, South Africa, Passport IssueI am also thinking of the adventure that I had getting there on my last trip and the adventure getting home from my first trip. See: In the Wrong Place and Remembering My September 11 Flights

rooibos teaI am also thinking about what tea I will drink during the webinar.

Do you know what tea I will be drinking?


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1 Response to Virtually in South Africa

  1. Nando’s in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of my favorite restaurants!

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