Kittens at Play

Today I spent some time just watching kittens play. Of course, I just had to take some pictures and will share just a small portion of them with you.

Last Sunday I wrote about Orchard Kittens, so you can check out the pictures and see how much they have grown in a week.

Kittens at play, little kittens, farm cats, going down stairsThis week the kittens are a bit more adventurous and full of energy. They are learning all kinds of new things like how to go down stairs. He we see a little kitten getting ready to go down to the next step.

kitten going down stairs, learning new skills, kittenHere I caught the kitten jumping down to the next step. It was so comical to watch them go down the steps.

Chain Link Fence, Kittens Playing, hanging on a fenceI really enjoyed watching the kittens play around this chain link fence. They are currently small enough to sneak through the links, but probably not for too long. I also watched them play a lot with the little piece of wood in the middle of this picture.

Barn Kitten, little kitten, relaxing kittenOf course I also had to hold the kittens now and then. They were easy to catch and pick up and would make themselves at home on my lap or arm.  However, they were soon ready to go back and play again.

They are just so cute, you have to hold them once and awhile.

Feeding kittens, Mother Cat with Kittens, feeding timeOf course all the play would make the kittens hungry and I watched them feed several times. Luckily for the mother they would usually feed in shifts of three. I am sure that when they were first born all six of them would feed at one time.

I really like the little white paws of the kittens in this picture.



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