Orchard Kittens

It is spring time and there are little kittens at the orchard. There have been kittens at the orchard before, see Shy Little Kittens, but this time they are not shy. It really helps that the mother is a friendly cat.

Orchard kittens, kittens, barn catsHere you can see five little kittens playing with each other. The kittens were only found a week ago as outside cats will often hide their litter. They are about 3-4 weeks old as the first one found a week ago already had it’s eyes open.

I like the variety of colors for the kittens.

Cute Kitten, orchard kitten, white and grey kittenI think that this kitten was the cutest. I held it several times today as well as some of the others.

Runt, Kitten, smallest kittenThis one is the smallest. Isn’t it so cute?

I really like the little white socks on each foot.

Ah, you can tell why whiskers on kittens are favorite things.

Six Kittens, Litter of kittens, barn cats, orchard cats

Lili thought that there were only five kittens, but we found out that there were six.

One of the little gray ones was missing in the first picture. You can see it in the middle at the right. The one with the white front legs.

One more kitten to find a home for 🙂

Mother Kitten, Litter of kittens, barn kittens, orchard kittensHere is the mother kitten. She lay down at my feet while the kittens played all around. She had no problem with me picking up the kittens as long as I gave her some attention too.

I look forward to more time with the kittens soon. They are so cute, but they grow up so quick.


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