Virtual Hike to the Spanish Peaks

I am again behind on posting about my Virtual Hike. My most recent destination was the Spanish Speaks Scout Ranch in Southeast Colorado. I have many memories from scout camp, but will only share a few here. I need to see if I can find some pictures of the camp and write another post just about it.

Spanish Peaks, Scout Ranch, Scout CampThis segment of the Virtual Hike was from Alamosa and was 76.8 miles long. See Virtual Hike to Alamosa, Colorado for more about the starting point.

You can see a little bit of the topography on this map. There are a few mountains in the area.

Alamosa to Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch, Virtual Hike, MountainsHere with the Earth view on Google Maps you can see the topography better. The route passes by Bianca Peak and Mt. Lindsey and then heads over a ridge to the Spanish Peaks.

Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts, Topography, MountainsHere is a close up of the two Spanish Peaks.

West Spanish Peak (13,626 ft/ 4,153 m)

East Spanish Peak (12,683 ft/3,866 m)

Spanish Peaks, Street View, Google MapsHere is a Google Maps Street View of the two Spanish Peaks. This picture shows them with snow, which I would not see much of in the summer while at camp. However, we did go to the camp once in the winter and went tubing in the snow.

Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch, Virtual Hike, Colorado, Boy ScoutsHere is an interesting view of the two peaks and the location of the scout ranch. The blue dots are the route that my Virtual Hike took. Unfortunately there is no Street View on Google Maps for this segment. There would have been some really nice views.

West Spanish Peak, Google Maps View, Spanish Peaks, Virtual HikeThere is however a panoramic picture taken from the top of the West Spanish Peak. I like this picture as you can clearly see the East Spanish Peak as it would have been when I climbed it one summer. This is a very beautiful part of the country.

I had planned on writing more about the camp tonight, but instead went on a long walk. I have been a bit lazy in the last couple weeks and have not been getting in good walks. I did buy some new walking shoes today, and I need to put them to use.

The next segment will take me through three states and has a family connection. There may be a few of my readers that will be able to guess the destination. It is almost 150 miles from the Spanish Peaks.


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