Saturday Yard Work

With spring here and with warmer weather it means that I have to spend more time working in the yard. Saturday is my day for yard work, and I was able to get some done today.

Yard work, mowing, tall grass, Saturday choresHere you can tell that I really need to mow the yard. This is two weeks growth, so I will have to start mowing every week now. I need to do a bit of weed control as there is a big weed patch next door now.

Spring Tree, tree trimming, yard workAfter I finished mowing it was time to do some work on one of my trees. There was a lot of misplaced growth on the tree.

Tree branches, yard work, tree trimmingI cut off a lot of limbs from the tree. The tree is actually not in the best place and I have to be careful that it does not grow in the wrong direction toward the house. In fact, I may think of taking out the tree entirely, but not just yet.

In this picture you can see an unfinished project that I started working on a long time ago. I need to get back to it đŸ™‚

See: Walkway Expansion

tree trimming, yard work, Saturday chores, treeThe tree now looks a bit better, however I will really need to keep an eye on it throughout the year and keep it trimmed.

Rainbow, Sprinklers, Yard WorkUsually a rainbow is the sign that my yard work is done as one of the last tasks is to run the sprinklers through a cycle so that I can check all the sprinkler heads. I only had to adjust one of them today, but I have a few that may need to be replaced sometime later this year.

Then it was time to run errands. Luckily I still had enough time to get to the library.

Did you work in your yard today?



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1 Response to Saturday Yard Work

  1. Mel Pete says:

    Unfortunately, no….snow in NW Iowa today.

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