Finally a Walk

I have not been walking much in the last couple of weeks, but I finally got a walk in tonight.

However, I just got my walk in as it will soon be raining again.

The lack of walking comes from several factors over the last couple of weeks.

Air Canada, Seldom Flyers, SFO, Airlines, Frequent FlyersFirst, I spent a week in Canada where the temperatures were a bit colder. However, another limiting factor was that I wanted to spend time with my friends on the weekend rather than going for a walk on my own. During the week I got a couple miles a day as I walked back and forth to work, but still far less than usual.

Then when I got home I had the flu which totally wiped out all walking for several days. See: Flu plus Jet-lag plus Time Change

Last week I averaged less than 1.5 miles a day which was mostly just getting around at work and home.

honey bee, blossom, fertilizing, pollen, orchardI did get in a bit of a walk on Sunday afternoon, but still ended the day with less than two miles. I had planned on walking last night, but it was raining. This has actually been a big contributing factor as it has often been raining when I would normally go walking.

Rain Storm, California, Radar, AccuweatherIt is raining across wide swaths of California again tonight, but there was a nice big gap overhead when I checked earlier to see if it was raining.

Rain Forecast, short term rain forecast, minute cast, accuweatherI also checked the Minutecast to see when it would start raining. I saw that if I was going to walk that I had better head out right away.

Near the end of my walk I felt a few sprinkles, but the rain did not start as soon as predicted.

Rain Forecast, short term rain forecast, minute cast, accuweatherI checked again at the end of my walk and found that I could have taken a longer walk as the forecast start time had slipped.

As I finish writing this post I see that the forecast has stabilized and it should start raining very soon.

It felt good to finally get in a good walk. I walked for about a mile and a half at a very good pace. I am ending up the day with about 4.5 miles which is the most I have walked in a day this month and is usually about my daily average. I need to keep it up.

Now for some rest after the walk 🙂




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